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Daily Dog Walking

Dog Walker

Regular exercise keeps your dog happy, healthier and better behaved. Midday dog walks offered 5 days a week.

Daily Pet Visits

Dog Walker

Daily visits to your home when your away at work or on vacation.  No need to rely on untrained neighbors or friends.

In-Home Care

Dog Cat Bird

Professional pet sitting allows your pets to stay in the comfort of their home while receiving quality care.

Why Choose In Home Pet Care?

Kenneling your pets can expose your animals to kennel related illnesses; and cause undue stress by not getting the individual personal attention they deserve. 

Professional in-home pet sitting allows your pets to stay in the comfort of their home while still receiving quality, professional care.

We at Kreature Komforts Pet Sitters understand how important the proper care, handling, and emotional well-being of your animals are to you.  Being in a familiar environment can make all the difference in the happiness and health of your pets.


We come to you and provide the convenience of customized services to meet your pet’s individual needs.  We follow your pet’s care routines as closely as possible including: meals, exercising, and any special care, like giving your pets medication.

We provide a free pre-service visit (meet and greet).  I will personally come to your home to meet you and your pets, and gather information about them. We will discuss your expectations, (and your pet kids), as well as what you can expect from Kreature Komforts Pet Sitters.  Most importantly, I want to make sure both you, and your beloved animals, are comfortable before we proceed.  

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You can depend on us to give your pet’s loving care when you’re not there.

Because we live in Las Vegas we occasionally experience excessive heat waves, high wind warnings and even flooding.  In emergencies of this nature you may be in town, but unable to check on your pet’s safety, we can do that!  Just give us a call for a Pet Safety Check.

In a medical emergency we will always seek the treatment of your pets’ veterinarian, but should they be unavailable, we are prepared to utilize the Emergency Animal Hospitals in Las Vegas.


As the owner (Cheryl Morrison) of  Kreature Komforts Pet Sitters,  I will be your primary pet sitter.  I am fully certified, licensed, insured, bonded, and have had a full criminal background check.  

At our first meeting I will provide you with a lock box (optional) in which to keep your keys when our services are requested.  We do not make copies of your keys, unless requested by you. You can choose the code for your lock box and change it at anytime.

I am proud to say that I am a certified in Cat and Dog CPR & First Aid, and a certified member of NAPPS National Association of Professional Pet Sitters


Mission Statement ~ Kreature Komforts Pet Sitters will fulfill the pet care needs of our animal clients and their people through honest, reliable and loving in-home pet sitting.


Serving southwest Las Vegas


Kreature Komforts Pet Sitting services the southwest valley of Las Vegas including Rhodes Ranch, and Mountains Edge.

Zip Codes Include: 89113, 89118, 89135, 89139, 89147, 89148, 89161, 89178, 89179


    • Vacation care with daily 30/45 min visits 1 to 4 times daily (2 visit minimum for dogs)*
    • Overnight care – (not offering at this time)
    • Daily Visits
    • Pet Safety Checks
    • Midday/Midmorning walks **
    • Daily walks packages
    • Potty breaks
    • Maintenance of your pet’s feeding routines
    • Medication for most pets (not including fluids delivered intravenously)
    • Daily liter box cleaning
    • Plant care 
    • Bring in mail and newspapers/Rotate window coverings and lights
    • Keeping you informed while your away
    • Customized pet care services to meet your pet’s individual needs

    * Minimum 2 daily visits for dogs in home without a dog door, and 3 visits may be required (vacation pet sitting)

    **Midday walks in the winter/early morning only in the hottest summer months

    Note: We do not board animals

  • Standard Visit 30 minutes – $20.00 (includes up to 2 dogs and 2 cats) *

    Extended 45 min visit – $28.00 *

    Extended 60 min visit – $35.00 (cannot be broken up)*

    Overnight Care – $80.00 * (on a limited bases)

    Pet Safety Checks – $25.00 per visit *

    House Check Only – $15.00 per visit *

    Midday/Mid Morning Dog Walking – 30 minute visit daily $20.00 M-F **


    *Pricing may vary please email or call our office to discuss the details of your pets

    **Midday walks in the winter/mid or early morning in the hottest summer months

    Minimum 2 daily visits for dogs in home without a dog doors 3 visits may be required  (vacation pet sitting)

  • Kreature Komforts Pet Sitting services the southwest valley of Las Vegas including: Rhodes Ranch, Mountains Edge and Southern Highlands. 

    89113, 89118, 89135, 89139, 89147, 89148, 89161, 89178, 89179

  • Yes, I’m fully insured and bonded with a recent FBI background check!

  • Yes, I’m certified in Dog and Cat CPR & First Aid through PetTech and certified through NAPPS as a pet sitting professional.

  • Your keys are safe with me, they are coded so your name or your address are never with your keys. Also, for your convenience I will provide you with an optional lock box in which to keep your keys when our services are requested.  You will choose the code and can change it any time!

  • We accept cash, check or credit cards paid through PayPal or Square.

  • Using the button below will get you to the Free Meet and Greet Form.  You will meet with me, Cheryl, at your home, with your pet children in attendance.  At the meeting I will gather your pet’s information, and make sure everyone is comfortable with the services!


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